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Mr. Dheeraj Amin, The Managing Director of NorthernSky Properties Pvt Ltd, aims to bring about a revolution in Mangalore`s prime real estate through his innovative practices and lets his work do the talking. A man with a vast wealth of experience, he brings to you his best with his hard work, appetite for risk, growth-oriented mindset, competitiveness and vision, architecturally beautiful projects in Mangalore, at prime locations within the city.

With a world class team lead by the man himself and a vision driven by his passion and energy, his dream is to ensure that NorthernSky Properties achieves its mission of becoming one of the best real estate company, offering the best in residential, commercial and villa projects in Mangalore. On a personal front Mr. Dheeraj Amin, has a very practical and holistic approach towards life, also encouraging those around him to maintain a healthy lifestyle by making fitness an important part of his projects.

Director’s Profile

Mrs. Kritheen Amin, The Director of NorthernSky Properties defies every conventional saying because she walks in par with her man and has carved a niche for herself and yet maintains her simplicity and privacy. With a strong academic backing of MBA in HR & Marketing and a Business Administration Course from the prestigious New York University, she is a force to reckon with. Mrs. Kritheen has always ensured she has overseen every project to provide and upkeep the promises Northernsky Properties deliver.

Mrs. Kritheen maintains a Balance in life with utmost sincerity, be it a businesswoman, a homemaker or a loving mother and keeps calm under pressure which speaks of her discipline towards life. She oversees the company`s hospitality, Office & Retail ventures, Human Resources (HR), Public Relations (PR) and Innovation functions and the various departments at Northernsky Properties thrive as one family under her calm and composed exterior.

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