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Northernsky Excelsa

Excelsa, Kadri Hills Mangalore
3 BHK 4BHK & Duplex Apartments

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Alexandria, Lighthouse Hill Mangalore
3 BHK 4BHK & Duplex Apartments

What is a Duplex

Duplex is a luxurious setup with a single apartment with two floors connected by a staircase or extended on a single floor.

Are Duplex flats Easy to Find?

Duplex apartments are relatively rare. They represent a very small percentage of luxurious apartments that are available in Mangalore.

What is the advantage of Duplex flat?

Duplex apartments are exceptionally roomy. They have either two floors of equal size or extend to two flats on  the same floor.

What is the advantage of Duplex flat over independent house or villa?

Since duplexes are situated within a larger building, you would have access to clubhouse and any communal amenities available in the housing society.

What are the benefits of owning a duplex flat?

Duplex apartments are exceptionally roomy! Duplex apartments come in many different sizes. The most desirable are those in which the carpet area of the top floor closely matches or is identical to the lower level. Families desire these, especially as they allow for maximum use of living space along with the opulance of a two-story layout. In addition, separate levels mean separate rooms and living areas, so you’ll get more privacy than regular apartments.

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