A Journey of Dedication and Growth: Manoj Kumar's 28 Years in Real Estate

Meet Manoj Kumar, a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, hailing from the picturesque town of Kulai. With 28 years of rich experience in the field, Manoj has been an integral part of Northernsky Properties for the last 21 years. Born in 1975, he is the eldest among two sisters and a brother.

Manoj embarked on his professional journey after graduating from Govinda Das College, Surathkal, with a degree in B.Com. His initial steps in the real estate world led him to work in a PWD contractor’s office before finding his place at JV Builders and eventually settling at Northernsky Properties.

Reflecting on his early days, Manoj admits he had little knowledge about documentation. However, with the support of his colleagues and the Managing Director, Dheeraj Amin, he not only learned the ropes but also grew exponentially in his role. “Pressure is common in all jobs and life endeavors, but one should learn how to tackle and move forward,” says Manoj, emphasizing the importance of resilience.

Manoj shares insights into his professional journey, emphasizing the importance of multitasking. While acknowledging the initial challenges, he believes that consistent practice over the years makes multitasking almost second nature.

Beyond his professional life, Manoj finds solace near the beach, where he enjoys leisurely walks and playful moments with his children. He describes these moments as his best time-pass activities. In his leisure, Manoj indulges in his love for Tamil movies, particularly those in the thriller genre. His favorite actors include Allu Arjun and Mohanlal.

When it comes to food, Manoj’s palate favors Neerdosa and green chicken curry. His favorite place to visit is the Mahalingeshwara Temple at Suratkal, citing the positive vibes he receives from the spiritual experience. Dreaming of a vacation, he expresses a desire to visit a snowfall area, a dream yet to be fulfilled.

Asked about his favorite project at Northernsky Properties, Manoj enthusiastically points to Northernsky Palmstreak. He commends the project for its quality, finishing, and prime location. When discussing Northernsky Properties as a whole, Manoj highlights MD Dheeraj Amin’s focus on quality and project finishing, ensuring utmost satisfaction for customers. In essence, Manoj’s journey is a testament to dedication, learning, and the joy derived from both personal and professional pursuits.

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