Navigating the HR Landscape at NorthernSky Properties

In the bustling city of Mangalore, where the confluence of tradition and modernity is ever-present, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Navnith Keshav, the seasoned Sr. Manager – HR & Admin at NorthernSky Properties. With five years of dedicated service to the company, Mr. Keshav shared insights into his professional journey, the challenges of the HR role, and the dynamic landscape of recruitment and employee management.

Early Beginnings and International Exposure:

Mr. Keshav traces his roots back to Mangalore, where he completed his schooling before embarking on a journey of higher education at Aloysius College. However, his professional journey took a significant turn when he decided to explore opportunities abroad. Dubai became his home for four years, where he contributed to a leading recruitment and HR company, honing his skills in office administration and HR roles.

Upon returning to his native Mangalore, Mr. Keshav brought back not only international experience but also a renewed passion for contributing to the local job market. While working, he pursued an MBA in HR, combining practical experience with academic knowledge.

Passion for HR:

During the course of our conversation, Mr. Keshav expressed his early interest in HR, acknowledging it as one of the most challenging yet gratifying roles in any organization. He emphasized the pivotal role HR plays as the bridge between employees and employers, requiring a delicate balance to navigate daily challenges.
“Being a disciplinarian is crucial in HR. You become the role model that others look up to in the company. People observe how you implement changes before they follow suit,” says Mr. Keshav, highlighting the importance of discipline in HR leadership.
He also stressed the significance of interpersonal skills, people skills, and empathy as key strengths for an effective HR professional.

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Hiring Philosophy:
When it comes to hiring, Mr. Keshav shared his perspective on the qualities he values in candidates. “Attitude and the hunger to accomplish work are paramount,” he said. While freshers demonstrating a need for employment often stand out due to their determination, for crucial roles, experience and skill set play an equally vital role.

Challenges in HR:
Addressing the challenges in HR, Mr. Keshav identified retaining good employees as one of the toughest tasks. He acknowledged that factors such as financial constraints and growth prospects sometimes make it impossible to retain valuable team members. Finding a suitable replacement in the current scenario, where people often move away for better opportunities, presents an additional challenge.

Advice for Employees:
For employees, Mr. Keshav emphasized the importance of approaching the HR department with personal or work-related issues instead of confiding in colleagues. “There is a reason why companies have HR departments. Even in this age of artificial intelligence, machines cannot predict what a person is thinking,” he said. Encouraging employees to seek support early on helps in finding timely solutions and prevents issues from escalating.

Professional Growth and Personal Interests:
Reflecting on his time at NorthernSky Properties, Mr. Keshav highlighted the invaluable experience of working under pressure, which has contributed to his personal and professional development. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring new places and indulging in the local seafood delicacies that Mangalore has to offer.
Mr. Navnith Keshav stands as a testament to the dynamic and rewarding nature of HR management. His journey reflects the dedication and passion required to navigate the intricate balance between employee and employer, making significant contributions to the growth and success of NorthernSky Properties.

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